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State Rangers patrol these sites and will step in to correct illegal activities when sighted." "Signed: Thomas C. There are multiple places for river access; the campground entrance road is right next to the park office.From Morristown (near I-287) take RT 510 (Mendham Rd.) west about 10 miles, through Mendham, then turn north (right) on Ironia Rd..

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Among the agencies that are stewards of these natural resources is the Div.

of Parks and Forestry, State Park Service." "As a Regional Superintendent employed with the State Park Service, it is my duty to point out to you (as Webmasters) that swimming is PROHIBITED in State Park/Forest waterways unless lifeguards are present.


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Continue on the paved road back to the parking area. to the west (upstream on the Delaware) along I-80 and then under I-80 and into the Water Gap/Worthington State Forest area. that is narrow and is one way and is controlled by a traffic signal. Water there is clean/clear with very gentle current MOST of the summer. To get here from the parking area for Sunfish Pond (above), continue north on Old Mine Rd. LAT, LON (of parking): lat=41.0652, lon= -74.9853 LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Around to the left (facing the water as described in the site) were some very scuzzy scummy ways to get into the water. The directions to reach the place don't quite work.

About 1 mile after that, you will see a sign on the right for the Farview hiking trail and ON THE LEFT a large parking area (signed "Karamac"). From this parking area, several trails zig-zag down to the Delaware river. NOTE: The National Park rangers will summons you for jumping off the rocks (an old collapsed bridge) and for tubing without a life jacket! Weekends, beware of jetskiis owned by family across the river. LAT, LON (of The Glen): lat=41.05933, lon= -74.99578(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Can't turn left on Farrington Road, though I did double back and find it without too much trouble." Here is another report from 2008:"I have lived in east Brunswick my whole life, a block from the lake.It is our goal to not only provide loving homes for these dogs but to also help better shelters and shelter life in the South.We handle adoptions in the North Easter part of the United States.Oh, yes, and if none of the above are real (who knows? Hike on a dirt road off Piney Hollow Road, leading northwest into the Winslow Wildlife Management Area. There are several places people have been observed to swim in the river at the State Park.Hike in three-fifths of a mile and follow blue trail markers, and you'll eventually come to the Blue Hole. The main place is at the wing dam, accessed from the campground, at the northernmost camping loop, near campsite #51.(It is not necessary to walk into the woods just follow the road and paths.) WEAR DEET AND CHECK OFTEN FOR TICKS. You are only supposed to go in this area if you are a camper. AT HIGHER WATER LEVELS, THIS WOULD BE A VERY UNSAFE PLACE TO SWIM! NOTE: In 7/2003, I received this e mail from a state official: "The State of New Jersey indeed has a myriad of beautiful creeks, rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.

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