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It’s can be tempting to just focus on your romance when you’re in love, but when children are involved, you have a sacred responsibility to make wise dating decisions that reflect God’s best for all of you.

Here’s how you can date wisely as a single parent: Realize the significance of your dating decisions.

I'm Chere a single Christian mom to my lovely sweet daughter Anya.

I'm passionate about God, being a mommy, crafting, hosting parties, adventure and encouraging single moms to thrive with God as their partner.

SEE ALSO: Best Practices for Dating Single Parents (and the Singles Who Date Them) Deal with your fears.

Since fear is incompatible with love (it prevents you from doing what love leads you to do), you need to identify your fears and pray for God to help you overcome them in order to enjoy a successful dating relationship.

Engage in conversations about how your lives may change in the future, and listen to the thoughts and feelings they express. Stay patient with them, and don’t push them to accept your dating relationships before they’re truly ready to do so.

Date only people who have strong character and are emotionally stable.

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Keep in mind that the loss of your previous marriage has permanently changed you and your kids, but those changes can result in you all growing to become stronger people who are more like Jesus.

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