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It's unclear what the goal was here, especially since Zynga's Facebook titles, like Mafia Wars and Farmville, were already played by millions.

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Seriously, what the Dante's Inferno-protested hell was Ubisoft thinking? Hmm, wonder what would happen if a gas station were to offer free gas, particularly during rush hour traffic? The giveaways started just before rush hour, meaning thousands of commuters all over the world were gridlocked for hours.

The result: Some guy brought a (fake) gun into a bar. When the cops arrived, they didn't even know the gun wasn't real until they examined it closely. The campaign: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames takes place in Venezuela, and much of the plot focuses on fuel tycoons. More like "world of flaming mad." Authorities eventually shut down the gas stations to get traffic flowing again.

These video game marketing campaigns are the most bizarre of the bunch, starting with...

The campaign: For those who missed out on this lovely PC title in 2000, here's the quick pitch: rival samurai clans battle it out in the future. And it's from John Romero, the guy who made Doom, so you The campaign: "Hey kids--everything your mom hates is cool!

When God of War 3 released, Sony held a launch party in Greece. Sony had a "goat sacrifice" on display as the party's centerpiece.

And this one had everything: booze, food, party favors, and a very real decapitated goat. The result: Where there are dead animals, there are animal rights activists.

It was a nice prize Bethesda probably figured couldn't be won.

The result: One couple totally had a kid that day and named him Dovahkiin. What I'm getting at is that Homefront publisher THQ decided to promote the game by releasing hundreds of red balloons over the city of San Francisco.

The app was pulled from Facebook within hours, leaving only a few friends-list corpses in its wake.

The campaign: If you're unfamiliar with Acclaim, it's the team behind Turok, Burnout 2, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, Virtua Tennis 2, and Shadowman--those are about dinosaurs, racing, gladiating, playing tennis, and journeying through nightmares, respectively. For Turok, it put up a 10 thousand dollar bond to the first parents to name their kid "Turok." For Burnout, it offered to pay your speeding ticket if you rushed to the store to buy the game.

And by "push," I mean a marketing campaign that involved delivering a ticking safe to an Australian media office." The Aussies immediately panicked, thinking they had been sent a bomb. The result: Not learning from its Splinter Cell mistake, Ubisoft got the authorities called in once more. Sony had a few other, less bothersome pictures of the PSP models, which they quickly sent out to try to save face, but who the hell thought this would go over well with The campaign: The goal of every Hitman game is exactly what the title implies: killing a target for a high-price contract.

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