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This is an album without any other ambition than to bring fun stuff, enjoying the interplay of rhythm and lyricism in its simplest format.

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Really at the base of all this was simply the need to get to know one another a bit more, what projects we were working on and maybe even make some new friends.”“Carsten and I briefly discussed the idea of this on the way to playing soccer one night.

We didn’t really discuss it all that much, because it seemed like an obvious thing to do.

Please note that I normalized the ratings for "like" and "probability" (of getting yes) because the actual rating scale differs from person to person.

You subtract the mean from the data to center the data around zero and then divide by the standard deviation to normalize the value range.

Taken as a whole, the album is to appreciated as much as a creative experiment as a music listening experience. While Speed Date does have a remarkable cohesion considering its sizable guest roster, it’s also noticeable how each guest artist is able to give voice to their specific sound on their respective tracks, and the consistency of that sound across the span of their contributions...... And totally DIY" Voted 15th on their End of Year List 2011.

For musicians to embrace a fun, exciting challenge, and then endow the music with those same qualities, that’s the kind of thing we should want from our artists… Deric Dickens "circles the explorations of his collaborators [with] remarkable stylistic consistency..." Being a fan of duets with percussion, Brooklyn-based drummer Deric Dickens seems to have made an album that really fits my taste.

What percentage of initial dates resulted in matches?

In order to make a match, you need to request another date and get that request accepted.

In Dino Sanchez’s own words: “frog has grown quite a bit over the past year and with all our busy schedules it’s been a bit difficult to keep up with new hires.

Creativity is something that hinges on critique and in some cases brutal honesty, so knowing your colleagues and being comfortable with them is essential to a productive process.” “We wanted to avoid a situation where we were passing business cards to fellow frogs during client meetings.

There is no point in asking a person for a second date no matter how much you like him or her when you feel there's no chance of getting a yes.

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