Table not updating in open office

In the spreadsheet the alignment by default was at the bottom of the cell. If this isn't what you want then it's a disadvantage, but it's what I want in this instance.

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In short, I want to take some content from a spreadsheet, and turn it into a table. However, since it's just full of Wonderful Birthday Ideas, I don't really need it to act like a spreadsheet.

The quest for the perfect way to paste this into a Writer document continues.

However, let's say that I've had the brilliant thought that I should leave it lying around where my boyfriend is sure to see it, so that he can help facilitate some of these items. Pasting normally gives you kind of a table object with a table look Double-click in any of the cells so that you can select the text and the cells and basically do normal things to it.

In this case, I would like it to be in a regular document, with a nice heading across the top. But when you do this, iit magiliciously turns into a spreadsheet, with spreadsheet icons. Double-clicking a pasted spreadsheet gives you spreadsheet tools and a temporary spreadsheet look This could be quite useful if the spreadsheet were chock full of numbers.

It's kind of like asking “How do you make a really great vinaigrette? ” There is no one right answer Here are some answers, then.

My birthday is coming up, so let's say that I'm planning my ideal birthday weekend and I did it in a spreadsheet first. However, you can't really use them except to do things like wrap text around the table or apply other properties to the table object.Probably refreshing every other millisecond, and the cell is a blur of double digit Numbers until the delete key is released.To access MS SQL Server from Open Office / Libre Office running on Unix or Linux, use the SQL Server ODBC Driver or ODBC-ODBC Bridge (OOB).I have found that if I insert a column between two existing columns, any formula I put into that column does not evaluate. Putting the same formula into a column that was already part of the spreadsheet works properly.I discovered this accidentally: Select an empty cell then tap the delete key.How do you get a spreadsheet into a Writer document?

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