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When you update to Final Cut Pro X 10.1 – 10.2.3, your projects and events are updated.

This article explains how your updated libraries and other files work in these newer versions of Final Cut Pro X.

You don't need to update all the projects and events within any Final Cut Projects or Final Cut Events folder at the same time.

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There is no Project Library in Final Cut Pro X 10.1 and later.

Media that you stored inside your original event is stored inside your new library.

Updated Final Cut Pro X files can't be used with Final Cut Pro X app versions earlier than 10.1.

Before you update, create backups of the app and your files in case you need them later.

The update process creates a new library for each connected volume that contains Final Cut Pro X projects and events, then creates an Updated Projects event in each of those new libraries.

All of the projects from your Project Library are collected in these Updated Projects events, which appear at the top of the list of events for each new library in the Libraries list.

You can store libraries on local volumes and XSAN volumes.

It’s easy to open and close libraries to access the media you need, and it’s simple to move media and projects between libraries.

By using these links, Final Cut Pro does not have to copy media files or use additional disk space.

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