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Параметр, отвечающий за выбор частоты памяти, находится уровнем выше: Плата отслеживает текущую температуру процессора и системы, основные напряжения и напряжения процессора и памяти, а также скорости всех пяти вентиляторов.

Причем пользователь может управлять скоростью процессорного и системного кулера (SYS_FAN1) с помощью функции Smart Fan.

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I am going to use a 771 Xeon in this board and have done the mod for the CPU to work in a 775 board and have integrated the microcode update in the BIOS.

I also have updated the Realtek rom from version 2.06 to ver 2.61.

ok, now I have tentatively added a NEW version to version and, here in lies my dilemma.

I used both version of CBROM, 1.55 and 1.98 to do thisand I am thinking I may have screwed up.

When it is morning I will check this out and try fathoming what is written here and maybe applying?

I will have to readmore but I am willing to have a shot at this.

To avoid interfere with certain AHCI/RAID/IDE setups (see AMD SB700/710/750 Register Reference Guide), the "PATA Channel Mapping" option is hiden and it can only make visible by pressing "CTRL F1".

Full List of CPU Microcode Patches: Date:2008/05/01 CPUID:100F40 Patch ID:01000085 -Mainboard: ASRock Z97 Extreme6, CPU: Intel Core i5 4690, Disks: 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD 2 TB Seagate SATA3 HDD running in AHCI mode, Graphics: Intel HD4600, RAM: 4x4 GB G.

Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3-1600 @ 1600 Mhz, OS: Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Probably yes, because the original place of the removed PCI ROM modules were above the sensitive MEMINIT module.

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