Updating dell bios ubuntu

The very last thing you need to do is reboot your machine to complete the update, the easiest thing to do is simply type sudo reboot into the terminal you have open.

Make sure you’ve saved any files you have open in other programs as this will obviously close everything and reboot the system.

Again, I had a flashback to very expensive door stops, no pun intended.

updating dell bios ubuntu-7

Sensibly, it would make sense to update bios prior to installing Linux, but what happens if there is a BIOS update after the fact?

It's been many years since I've bothered updating my BIOS.

Today I’d like to tell you about my experience of upgrading the BIOS on my Dell m1330 under Linux.

Regular readers of this site will already know that the m1330 notebook is my main machine at the moment.

It seems this is actually to do with new temperature management features in the Linux kernel itself and Fedora was just ahead of the game in implementing that new kernel.

The same problems occurred when I installed Ubuntu 8.10 and later Linux Mint 6.If you search the main Dell website for firmware upgrades you just end up with a list of files which aren’t much use to me on Linux.I’ve heard some people saying you can use these with WINE but it didn’t sound like a very good idea to me.But the last time I did it, I did it via Free DOS booted from a USB drive.I would assume that most motherboard manufacturers still have a DOS version of their BIOS updater kicking around?I discovered the newest version was actually A14 and I was 6 releases back.

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