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Step Two The Mac App Store will launch, and after searching, it will display a list of updates available.

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Hundreds (or even thousands) of people will hit the download button the exact moment they hear that mac OS Sierra is available to the public, which could put a strain on the servers and make it take a really long time for you to complete the process.

With changes in mac OS Sierra, it also means that some third-party apps will need to be updated for compatibility.

Step Four After the download has completed, a notification will popup at the top right of your screen warning you that the computer will restart in one minute.

Step Five Your computer will reboot and the update will be applied.

If your Mac is older than any of the models listed above. Even if you're Mac is on the compatibility list, that doesn't mean you can take advantage of all of the new features in Sierra. You'll need a newer model Mac and a compatible i Phone or Apple Watch to use such things as Handoff, Auto Unlock, Siri, Apple Pay on the Web, Apple's Continuity features, and more.

In general, in order to use all of the new features in mac OS Sierra, you should have the following Mac: You should also have an i Phone 6 or newer running i OS 10.

Next, it is not a bad idea to think about partitioning your Mac so you can install mac OS Sierra in tandem with your current Mac operating system.

That way, you can get used to the changes while still having access to what you are familiar with.

Step Six Once your system has rebooted you will be on the latest version of OS X.

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