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When we touch these plants, we may be accidental casualties in a chemical warfare between plants and herbivores that has waged through countless of the largest groups of chemical arsenals produced by plants are the alkaloids. Raffauf (Plant Alkaloids: A Guide To Their Discovery and Distribution, 1996), more than 10,000 different alkaloids have been discovered in species from over 300 plant families.

Many of these metabolic by-products are derived from amino acids and include an enormous number of bitter, nitrogenous compounds. Alkaloids often contain one or more rings of carbon atoms, usually with a nitrogen atom in the ring.

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This WAYNE'S WORD is dedicated to those mind-altering plants that have been used (and sometimes abused) by people, but have also provided us with some valuable medicinal drugs.

For countless generations they have given native people throughout the world a spiritual means of communicating with their gods and deceased loved ones.

uring the past 130 million years, flowering plants have colonized practically every habitat on earth, from arid deserts, boggy meadows and windswept alpine summits, to sun-baked grasslands, lush rain forests and wave-battered rocky shores.

They have replaced most of the ancient ferns and seed plants that dinosaurs subsisted on, and developed a complex and fascinating relationship with insects and mammals.

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This "predatory pressure" has resulted in the evolution of an endless array of complex plant molecules, from gums and terpenes to alkaloids and phenolic compounds.

For example, in nettles (Urtica species) the sophisticated defense chemicals acetylcholine and histamine are employed in an ingenious system of "injection hairs" strategically placed throughout the plant.

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Some of the plants discussed in this article contain very poisonous alkaloids which can be lethal if ingested in sufficient quantities.

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