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The 34 year old comes from Spanish aristocracy and was born into one of the biggest and most noble house, the house of Medina y Fernandez De Cordoba.

His father also called Rafael de Medina was the 19th Duke of Feria and his mother Nati Abascal was a successful model, muse of fashion designer Valentino.

His father is a businessman and Hammer grandfather was oil tycoon Armand Hammer.

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Antoine Arnault is engaged to top model Nadia Vodianova with whom he had a first child in May 2014.

He is not in the media as much as he used to be, preferring the privacy of his own studio where he records experimental music, to celebrity filled parties .

The entire Ferragamo group is worth in excess of 2 billion dollars.

Rafael Medina is a Spanish entrepreneur who also happens to be the current Duke of Feria.

Inspired by his own background and past experiences, the accomplished musician has released this year a interesting piece of art, mixing experimental music and conceptual illustrations.

His family has been credited for designing the postal office system in Germany. He is the only son of Prince Yohannes Von Turn Und Taxi and Countess Gloria Schonburg-Glauchau.

Family fortune: B The Rothschild family was once believed to be the richest and well connected family in the world, With many branches of the famous family living i3 different countries: France, Austria and Rothschild family owns some of Europe’s biggest banks.

Part of the English branch, David De Rothschild is the son of Victoria Lou Schott and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.

Today’s post is about heirs, heirs to the biggest fortunes in the world.

These are young people who will inherit not only money but also the legacy of their family.

He is a young Internet entrepreneur whose parents have built a fortune in real estate in Manhattan and New Jersey.

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