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I live my life according to my beliefs and my principles, and I never let a promoter, a journalist – I never let anybody affect me as a person, because if I ever allowed that to happen, that’d mean I lost the battle.So for me, it’s certainly okay with me for someone to state how they feel about me.I think, if you look at it from outside lookin’ in, it probably would look like a hard task, or it probably wouldn’t look possible, but spiritually I think God blessed me with the opportunity to go into different facilities and talk to people who currently at the worst point in their life right now, so it would be a real real good look and be the highlight of my career so far.

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DJ Booth: At what point over these last ten years when you were getting things together did you realize your purpose was to be a rapper? When I started getting feedback from the streets, and it was a magnitude like I knew, this probably was a situation that was worth fulfilling, and livin’ all the way up.

DJ Booth: Like I said in the opener, you rep Fort Myers, Florida, but that’s not a city in Florida that’s really been represented well within the hip hop circles.

I don’t try to this and that too much, and I feel like it’s a blessing, man.

I feel like me and him had to have a good rapport for him to be featured on my album, so with that being said I feel like he got a hell of a successful career that he’s established, and I take my hat off to him for that. But information – it’s always funny to me, whether it’s a government name or a quote unquote, “beef issue,” it always be what people want it to be and it always be mis-opinionated in my opinion.

I think my life was planned out the way in which – I love it at this kind of times.

For me, man, it’s a true blessing, and I treat it as such. I don’t never try to allow myself to get too high, to get too low. I feel like I appreciate that everyone embraces the type of music it is that I do, but for the most part, I kind of take it for face value.

And so to be selection and face of the city, I feel like we got our own style a little bit, but at the same time the things that go on in the hood area or the ghetto are the same as everywhere around the country.

DJ Booth: It’s well-known that you were supposed to be on the original version of, “I Wanna Love You,” but Akon ended up taking the song; he saw a lot of success.

DJ Booth: Well then let’s use this as an opportunity for you to set the record straight.

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