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When I spoke to Anderson last year, he was even learning to play the guitar left handed, so watch this space.) Our man looks suitably glassy eyed throughout, with a believability to his performance that conveys his pathetic plight perfectly, while offering the very rare sight of him looking absolutely terrible.With his lank hair, unshaven face and blackened eyes, Olyphant’s usual physical appeal is solidly masked, freeing him to extract our pity, without the often laughable attempts by Hollywood to make its beautiful stars seem jagged and rough. The film starred Jeff Daniels as a straight-edge yuppie, whose life is turned upside down by a rather appealing Melanie Griffiths, especially when her dangerous and sinister husband makes an appearance, played by Ray Liotta.

Kelly immediately sets about extending the innocent hero a devilish offer, forcing him to suffer the same teenage indignation that so many of us have endured – never being able to compete with an older man.

Still, I can’t help but love Kelly, despite his inherent evil.

Olyphant’s TV work has seen success from the swear-a-thon that is , out in the UK on the 4th of March, but in the meantime, here’s a list of some of his best work to date (with an obvious geek bias), and some very good reasons why he deserves even more recognition... Certainly, some filmmakers think so, as I approached both of the above films expecting a solid dose of a high-billed Mr Olyphant, only to discover that his appearance in only without the bad connotations this might suggest.

Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt take up the majority of screen time, as three friends who fall apart on their return to America from their tour of service in Iraq, a situation made worse when Phillippe decides to go AWOL after being ‘stop-lossed’ (forced to return to war, even after your service is supposed to have ended). Boot Miller (a great name for a commanding officer), who’s perfectly cast as the man you should never insult the president in front of, and who is suitably irate when his men start losing the plot.

I still find the casting of Olyphant a little left of centre, as it’s a pure action role and seemed designed for someone of Diesel’s stature, yet Olyphant proves himself admirably, snarling out the dialogue in a way that befits his strengths.

He also shows a physical adeptness during the fight scenes, even if the bald look is a slightly unusual one for him, as most of his other parts in action movies have never required such a high level of physicality.Like a handful of films on this list, it’s well worth tracking down, proving to be a surprisingly tough watch at times, and deserving of considerably more recognition. gives Olyphant slightly more screen time, and a chance to flex his bad guy persona, only without the usual strength of purpose his characters possess, as his Hollywood Jack turns out to be quite cowardly - it’s still a blast watching him play arrogant alongside a very angry Vin Diesel, though.After working together on it, Tatum convinced Gordon-Levitt to join him in promising it wasn’t going to be an advert for army recruitment. The rest of the film is a straightforward action movie, as a bearded Diesel punches and shoots his way to the person responsible for killing his wife, showing such a panache for it that it reminded me how much I resented his foray into the realms of as a whole never quite feels as strong as the sum of its components, or Morgan Freeman’s amazing eyebrows.Like so many of my on-screen heroes, Timothy Olyphant manages to fit the profile of being utterly superb and massively underappreciated, with the constant ability to make every film he’s in better.Despite appearances in some high profile movies, a starring role that will launch him to the level he deserves, one that cements his name in mainstream consciousness, still seems elusive.To be fair, the film was apparently taken away from Gens in the editing suite, with some of his favourite scenes swapped for yet more violence by the powers that be.

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