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Jim Kenney — former Mummer, ex-Fumo protégé and current ally of Johnny Doc — is now the darling of Philadelphia’s progressive movement.

I thought there would be exuberant, sweaty-palmed high fives.

I had visions of Jim Kenney, 56, the mayoral candidate and former city councilman, in a slightly too tight Neumann-Goretti sweatshirt, smiling as he greeted supporters tromping up the metal rafters in Philadelphia University’s gymnasium.

This is what I imagined when Kenney invited me to join him for the girls’ Catholic League semifinals in mid-February.

Kenney is passionate about high-school sports and girls’ empowerment.

He admires Neumann-Goretti’s cultivation of kids who grow up with less: kids from the inner city, and several girls from Nigeria — girls, Kenney says, “who’d be lost without this team.” True, the team is mired in controversy — rumors of recruiting violations — but Kenney dismisses all that as “white men who want to be dictatorial and run things with an iron fist and who were jealous of the success of these women.” Every time a foul is called against his Saints, Kenney mutters about the referees.“Ridiculous,” he says, nibbling at one end of his reading glasses.

To win his mayoral bid, he’ll have to unite rowhome Philly and the beer-garden crowd.

I thought there would be clusters of well-wishers leaning in for brush-with-fame selfies.

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