Why am i upset that my ex is dating spice of life com dating

Really, try not to get involved in his grief and loss over you. Move on and enjoy your life, let him wallow in self pity and regret, he made his bed so he can sleep on it. After cutting the first one, the "spoken commitments to dating or other official involvement" string, there are still a few others that have to be cut before the comfort zone is reached.

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I guess the he does his thing and I do mine still looks good to me. Or someone to worry about you if you never come home... hi skigirl I think the sadness comes from this: when a person we love or loved dies, there's a grieving process that pretty much begins at the funeral. skigirl, what a tough situation, great advice here..ex of 5 years has started on a dating site, which took me totally by surprise...

But when we divorce, the grieving process begins even before separation, and ENDS at the funeral. I guess I know he has dated but he told the kids he wants to get married again, that was like a knife in the heart.again, the feelings of 'why could you not figure it out with me? '..came to surface again, as it will if he ever gets married again.

not sure what happened in your marriage...but, the grass always looks greener.

ready, as you know, we are at the same stage once again...'ever after' sounds good..but, does it happen?

I don't know that answer anymore...is hard to feel that the ex is moving on, but I think it is more that we feel we are not?

I am guessing that your ex (ready and skigirl) was really really sad when you got b/f's..they had to feel these feelings, or push them down..they will come back up again.

For if you keep taking someone back, it only leads to the on/off again crap that can last for years, has LOADS of drama, is confusing, unstable, and not to mention that it erodes at your self-esteem and self worth.

NO CONTACT is the only way to go in this deal -block his phone calls, emails, texts, or any other correspondence from him. So when we talked on the phone I told him I met someone else and had been on a couple of dates. So you have moved on and he is left in the dust....nevermind the fact HE left you!

In short, he is upset because he is dealing with that other left over crap from the now-ended relationship, and he is now ignoring you, as part of his very logical process of dealing with cleaning out that old relationship crap. it's like that pair of hiking boots in the back of the closet.

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