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With recipes, fitness and lifestyle tips, and profiles of vegetarian people and events, Vegetarian Times is the ultimate vegetarian publication.

I see the joy in simple moments and appreciate every day.

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With emphasis on high-quality photographs of popular running trails, Trail Runner will have the info you need to plan your next adventure run.

The vegetarian lifestyle is more popular than ever, and Vegetarian Times is the one-stop source for all things related to living a meatless life.

Topics discussed include home entertaining, and various aspects of style and fashion.

If your spouse is a member of the military then you just inherited a much larger family than you may realize.

Expect detailed tips on subjects ranging from interior decorating to healthy cooking.

Martha Stewart Living is perfect for those who want to be inspired into improving your home, garden and cooking skills.Anything having to do with leading a strong, productive life is contained within, including diet advice, workouts, and informative articles.Elle includes news and discussions of beauty, but also covers a variety of other issues that affect women.Politics, news, relationships, and other major topics are discussed from a woman's perspective.Vanity Fair discusses a little bit of everything, all in a very stylish, high-brow tone.Cooks Country even offers reviews on the latest kitchen gadgets as well as new recipes for your family to enjoy.

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