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During this time, Dorian makes the decision to adopt Langston.

On Christmas Day 2008, Dorian becomes her adoptive mother.

Starr's mother, Blair, is all set to become Langston's foster mother when she is called out of town.

During a conversation at school, Langston talks with Starr about her parents' death, and they are overheard by Britney.

Britney contacts Social Services, and Langston is horrified when she is placed in foster care.

Cole and Starr, with fake ID's, run away to Virginia Beach.

Dorian catches Langston trying to hide a pregnancy book and suspects that Langston is pregnant; Dorian takes Langston to have an abortion. Cole and Starr are soon found and brought back to Llanview.

After things are official, Langston moves into Dorian's home and happily continues her relationship with Markko.

After Starr becomes pregnant with Cole's baby, she decides to have an abortion before Cole or her family discover that she is pregnant.

Todd catches the two before they leave, nearly strangling Cole. Langston signs Starr up for the school musical, and Starr in turn sets Langston up to write the musical.

Working with English teacher Marcie Mc Bain, the musical is a success, and Langston soon begins dating Markko Rivera, a boy who annoys her.

In January 2011, it was announced that Underwood would be exiting the show in the spring in a "storyline dictated" exit.

She was slated to appear in the Vicker Man premiere episodes alongside Markko in July 2011 but could not due to scheduling conflicts. Starr jumps off of a cliff at the stone quarry to take a dive into the water below.

Before landing in the water, Starr hits her head and is taken to the hospital, where she fakes amnesia.

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