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The musical stings in this episode were composed by Simon Harrison.

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Though love is important, parents choose their children’s spouses according to similarities in educational levels, religions, castes, and family backgrounds.

The families trust that love will develop over time but believe that a wedding can take place without it.

All self-respecting independent single mothers celebrate the fact that they are no longer dependent on a man for anything – especially, money.

Because many women have been controlled by their wealthy ex-husbands in this very “monetary” manner, so they will never ever venture down this path again.No free bird would deliberately put herself back into a cage, no matter how gilded and bling-out that cage may be.So, NO, not all single able mothers would be desperately looking for a man to financially support her and her child/children.From an American ethnocentric perspective, arranging marriages appears to be a custom that limits individual freedom.On the other hand, a cultural relativist would acknowledge that arranged marriages serve an important function in India and other cultures.The practices of other cultures can be and often are jarring, and even the most adept cultural relativist is not immune to culture shock.

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