Xbox live not updating to gold

Each week, Microsoft selects a handful of games to offer at a discounted rate to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Back in the ‘80s and most of the ’90s, all you needed was a console and a game and you were good to go.

Then the Internet came around, and the whole thing got a lot more complicated.

The selection of free games available differs from month to month, but Microsoft always offers at least one game for Xbox One and Xbox 360 per month.

The free titles are usually older games, but they’re often very good games that you might have overlooked when they came out.

A big part of that complexity is that if you own a major gaming console, you now have to decide whether or not to subscribe to the services offered by Microsoft and Sony.

We’ll cover Sony’s Play Station Plus service in another article, but if you have an Xbox One or an Xbox 360 and are curious about Xbox Live Gold, read on. Xbox memberships are built on top of a free Microsoft account. It isn't for people who are currently part of a Gold Family Pack membership, nor for people who have been banned from the service in the past. The Xbox 360 Entertainment For All Plan is for new and existing Xbox members, both children and adults, living in the USA.3,999 per year — almost double of its current price.Xbox One's New Dashboard Revealed by Microsoft The reason for this, seems to be due to currency fluctuations.“After carefully evaluating the currency changes within India, and with the understanding that our offerings always provide a balance of service and value for our customers, we will be adjusting the price of our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions,” an email from the company read.In 2014, for instance, Microsoft offered 27 free Xbox 360 games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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